18 August 2007

Scott & Carabeth-engagement

Scott and Carabeth are getting married today. In about 4 hours, to be exact. I figured I should post about their engagement session before I take their wedding photos.

These two are so cute...and so fun. At our initial meeting, I asked them, "so...are you guys more serious or goofy?" (I always try to get a feel for clients so that I can make sure we capture the kind of moments they want to remember.) His answer was...the best ever. He said, and this is a direct quote, I know, because I wrote it down, "we're kind of quiet and subversively goofy." Subversively goofy. Awesome. And...they totally are. We had a great time during our session at the bird sanctuary in Topsfield.

I DO so love to make people jump. :-D

there's just something about this one...I think it's my favorite from the session

aren't they so cute?

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Margaret Singer said...

I'm pickin' up what you're puttin' down w/ this shoot. Like the colors. We should shoot sometime. Also, I've "tagged" you. Check out my blog last post...