01 August 2007

my issue

know what my problem is with this whole blogging thing? i'm so busy doing other stuff that i kind of let it slide...and then more and more and more happens, and i feel like i could type forever.

you know how some people are pithy and succinct? i am NOT one of those people. i am kind of rambly and chatty, and the part where i can type around 100wpm does not help me stem the tidal flow that replaces a normal person's "stream of consciousness"...

all this to say: please do not give up on this little blog. i have a LOT of updates. 3 weddings, 4 or 5 engagement sessions (i've lost count), and my recent trash the dress session in the white mountains...which i am in-utterably excited about.

so, i'm going to get back to that to-do list that is currently longer than i am tall (and, i'm only 5'3", so...yeah, that expression would carry more weight if i was a center in the WNBA, but if you think about it...a five foot tall to-do list is still pretty insane, right?), but console yourselves with the fact that "blog everything from the last month" features prominently on that list.

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