31 October 2007

downtown wedding

i am so in love with this image from saturday...lesley and ken had an absolutely gorgeous reception at the algonquin club, and we stole 15 minutes to walk across comm ave to take some photos in the little park area...i snapped this one on the way back. (lesley was very certain she wanted to be there for her cocktail hour.)

28 October 2007


to anyone who has sent an inquiry via the form on my website: i did not get it. :(

i was trying to protect myself from spam, so i listed my address as gwyn [at] gwynethcolleen [dot] com. however, like a bonehead, i did not read the fine print (this is the email address to which your client inquiries will be sent.)

so. if you wrote to me, please write again! i want to hear from you!

lastly, this must be said:

GO SOX!!! yeeaaaaah!

(oh, and photos coming...sometime? i know, i know...this is a PHOTO blog, and i am PHOTOgrapher, but i am a snowed under photographer. i hope you still love me.)

16 October 2007

my hood

i am so infatuated with and privileged to live near portsmouth, nh...

i went there w/ a friend on sunday...we were walking around, and he said, "i always thought your pictures were so colourful...and i'm sure you do some processing, but it really is that vibrant around here!"

behold...these were all taken w/in a block or two of each other, in about 10-15 minutes:

13 October 2007


over on this post at offbeatbride.com, someone asked about "roles of honour" other than having a friend stand up as a member of the wedding party. in the comments, someone mentioned that she attended a wedding that had a "best dude"...he had interesting responsibilities, including keeping people "well-liquored".


12 October 2007

playing ketchup

i was a weird kid...one year for my birthday, i wanted to have an egg-fight party. no seriously. i did. my mom told me i could have x amt of people, and we'd each get a dozen eggs. she took us down to this vacant lot, and we ran around throwing eggs at each other for, oh, about 2 minutes. i don't know if anyone actually got egged, but...i was happy. i have, uh, different creative outlets now.

i wanted to have a ketchup fight the next year, but that never materialized.

anyway...i've got sooooo many things to blog about...i've lost track of time and space, so, i'm just going to be posting things as i come across them...please don't expect anything in order!

(also...life should slow down enough for me to breathe sometime mid-november. i'm looking forward to it. i'm also looking forward to actually ATTENDING a wedding...my good friends hannah & zach already wed, (before he got transferred to hawai'i...poor things, now they're trying to settle into married life on oahu. i really feel sorry for them, don't you?) and they're celebrating their marriage with a ceremony and party in oklahoma city in november.

here they are in DC in january...before they were even on each other's "hmmm?" radar. we went to arlington for the day. (to make the story even better, zach's sister becky is hannah's best friend and college roommate...)

03 October 2007

Catherine & Dave

stop me if i've already told you this one...

catherine contacted me a few months ago to see if i could come photograph her everything-but-the-ceremony in PA near Philadelphia. i was all over that, because my sister lived nearby, and hey...bonus! through back and for emailing, it didn't seem like it was going to work out...but the promise of a long weekend with bek-the-sister had been dangled in front of my nose, and i decided to go anyway. AFTER i'd already bought the ticket (very tricky!), i heard back from her...there had been some changes, and they'd like me to photograph their wedding after all. it just worked out so very perfectly.

they were SUCH fun to work with...and totally good-looking people, too!

so, i'm also excited about this post because this is my first ever slideshow. do you guys like slideshows...do you prefer individual images to be posted? talk back, people.

02 October 2007

not photography related...

just AWESOMENESS related!

my friend erin has this incredible design blog. little o' this, little o' that...she's got some great, eclectic, and colourful taste. go check it out if you don't like same old, same old furnishings and aesthetics.

(and, if you're reading MY blog, i'm betting you don't fit into the cookie cutter mold, so go give her some love!)

design for mankind

also, the title of her blog makes me think of one of my favourite jack handey quotes,

"maybe in order to understand mankind, we have to look at the word itself: "mankind". basically, it's made up of two separate words- "mank" and "ind". what do these words mean ? it's a mystery, and that's why so is mankind."