15 August 2007

Meredith and Kevin

I'm still behind. Meredith and Kevin were married 30 June at the Stevens Estate. I was once again second-shooting for the fabulous Rachel of Decent Urban Weddings. (Being a second shooter is great; there's less pressure, and I get to do lots of fun, creative stuff and let her worry about getting all the "money" shots. It's a nice change of pace every now and then!)

Meredith and Kevin are a riot...they called their event "the wedding of the century"...and they managed to pull off a classy, beautiful day...with these little splashes of quirky and amusing irreverence. Plus, they're really good friends with Amy and Jeff...the couple from March who consented to having their portraits done in front of a bull pen. (The kind that has more snuffly, large bovines that might possibly kill you if irked than men in polyester throwing baseballs.) It was really great to see them again.

the Stevens Estate had character and presence oozing out of the floorboards.

that sky! I wish they made soda in that flavor. Can you imagine anything more refreshing?

I really love the "couple exiting" photos...I'm not sure why. Perhaps because it is so quintessential and beautiful that it transcends boring and traditional? I usually gravitate toward capturing the uniqueness of a particular event, but I love this moment...every time.

Isn't their cake beautiful?! And they put it in a photographer's dream spot...a few feet from a window...so it was bathed in natural light.

their placecards were the "chance" and "community chest" cards...which told the guests which "street" they were supposed to join for the reception. Such fun.

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