31 August 2007

family session

i feel so behind on life right now! and there's no respite in sight. in the next 4 weeks, i have 5 weddings, a conference, and three engagement sessions. ack!

i'm out of town this weekend for an everything-but-the-ceremony (they took care of that in Paris last weekend...i know. i feel bad for them, too.) in Philadelphia. i'll see my sister, and we've bandied about the idea of getting some great bridals for her...she's been married 4 years now, but she wasn't very happy w/ her wedding photographer, and hey...how convenient...her sister became one. look at that.

without further ado, some of my favourites from a family session i did with some college friends back in July when i was in Indiana. these are some cool, quirky people that lived in mexico for a while, and then produced a ridiculously cute child.

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andrea said...

you are so busy it's not even funny. but you know why? it's cuz you're so awesome it's not even funny. yep, you rock.