21 August 2007


gwynethcolleenphotography is gonna look a whole lot different in about a month. I'm more excited than a 2 month old puppy meeting you for the first time. Only with less piddling on the floor.

There will be a brand new website (that is going to rock your worlds. I promise.), I'll have a slightly different email address, AND...my prices will be going up significantly. All these changes are going to hopefully roll out sometime mid-September.

SO--if you're on the fence about whether or not to hire me for next year...make up your mind quickly! If you have friends looking for a photographer, send 'em my way to get the best deal around.

It's been an absolutely amazing first year; more successful than my wildest dreams (but probably with fewer unicorns and rope swings)...and I'd like next year to be even more amazing. I've been making a lot of investments into learning my craft more and purchasing better equipment to take even better photographs for all of you. I will always be committed to putting money back into the business to ensure that I am offering the highest quality product to my beloved clients.

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