17 July 2007

today's dream

alternate title: proof that commercials really work!

i just saw a commercial for nova scotia...and it reminded me HOW MUCH i want to go to halifax and prince edward island.

i LOOOVVEE to travel. (i've been to viet nam, singapore (coolest airport ever!), bolivia, mexico, colombia, philippines, UK (x3), indonesia, new zealand (FAVOURITE! x3), australia (x2), ireland...and...that might be it. wait! i almost forgot...i spent the night sleeping on the lawn in front of the airport in tahiti once. tahiti does NOT have the coolest airport ever. i don't recommend overnight layovers at all.) in fact, 2006 was the first year since 1996 that i DIDN'T get a stamp in my passport. i tried valiantly to get my parents to go to nova scotia with me for christmas...it didn't work out. :(

SO...someone needs to fulfill their anne of green gables fantasy and have a beachside wedding on prince edward island...and that person needs to hire me to shoot that canadian atlantic destination wedding. i'll even give you a discount or something!


Marina said...

let me know when you are headed to hawaii!


gwynethcolleenphotography said...

marina...i went to school in indiana but there was this weird contingent of imported students from hawai'i...and somehow they became my "group"...i can refer to "slippers" and "____-guys" and spam musubi with the best of 'em. :-D anyway, i've been wanting to go there since FOREVER. and i'll definitely look you up.

andrea said...

so gwyn... i am shooting a wedding in halifax next may...