14 July 2007

capturing moments.

when I was first starting out in wedding photography, a great friend and fellow photographer took me under her wing and gave me my start. she taught me sooo much, and I'll always be grateful to her. one of the things she told me that I've never forgotten was that the moments right after the ceremony are beautiful and priceless...

I love this series of Halida and Jeff right after they'd walked down the aisle. (stay tuned for my favourites from their entire day, but this series was too good not to share in its entirety...)

then they kind of change gears...but there are only about 6 seconds between the one just up /\ and this next one:

I just love that they had this special high-five, pinky-swear handshake thing...like, "whoo-hoo! we're married!"


Marina said...

OMG, you captured such a great moment.

that pinky swear is just too much!!!


Becky Miller said...

I love the white tent background...it gives such a glowy glow to the closeups.

Jasmine said...

LOVING the pinky promise!! What an awesome moment! :)