29 June 2007

nose to the grindstone

i've been hiding this from you for months now: but i can't hide it any longer. just for today, i'm going to let the real me peek through.

i hate capital letters. i appreciate punctuation and grammar and spelling...but i hate capital letters. it probably has more to do with my love of symmetry than with any particular affinity for e. e. cummings. in fact, it definitely does, because i don't love e. e. cummings.

i've been using capital letters for professionalism's sake...and, after today, i shall continue to do so (unless there is an overwhelming outpouring of support for my bold and vulnerable stand.)

all of that is neither here nor there, though.

my sister's gone. she's on her way back to new jersey. yesterday we went to boston, and on our way down we were listening to alanis morrissette and talking about "ironic"...and how it's ironic that she wrote an un-ironic song about irony. it IS, however, ironic that new jersey is named "the garden state." because...have you BEEN there? (to be fair, the part of jersey from which she hails is kind of green and full of flowers and trees and deer, etc...and it's much closer to philly than nyc.)

this morning i've been plowing through halida and jeff's wedding photos. family formals are usually a quick "line 'em up and shoot 'em...and move 'em out." that doesn't leave a whole lot of room for creativity, but i still make an effort. i just LOVE the following image of jeff's family. his parents are on the left, jeff and halida in the center (y'know, in case the white dress didn't tip you off...), and jeff's brother jonathan and his fiance caroline (seen in the below post--yeah, i LOVE this family!) are on the right.


andrea said...

i am here to show "an overwhelming outpouring of support for [your] bold and vulnerable stand". just say no to capital letters.

h&j said...

i agree...your personality, character, charm and incredible spirit scream professional AND fun so let go! you rock! thanks for everything. -h

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