03 December 2007

that's just what i wanted to hear

i changed my hair fairly recently...(went UBER blonde.) i've had a few client meetings/engagement sessions since then, and i was mildly concerned that they wouldn't be able to recognise me because the photo on my website (and here) is me with darker hair.

but all of them said, "oh no...i could tell it was you from your glasses."


have i ever mentioned how much i love my vintage cat-eye glasses? because...i so do. i spent an embarrassing number of hours searching ebay for JUST THE RIGHT ONES.

anyway...here's me w/ blonde hair and my awesome glasses. (taken w/ le macbookpro. please note the kitty litter to the left side of the photo. awesome.)


Ben & Claire said...

Claire and I both agree; the blond works for you. Rock that do!

gwynethcolleenphotography said...

awww, thanks guys!

antonette said...

i love your glasses! i've been looking for the perfect cat eyes too but i can't seem to find just the right ones. where on ebay did you get yours? :}

Anonymous said...

Hey! Great cat eye glasses. Can you post more pics??