19 September 2007

rachel and ali...engaged

so, basically...the highest honour you can ever receive is to be applauded by your peers, right? because they're the ones who really *GET* what your job entails, and if they think you're good at it...you totally are.


i was extremely flattered and hugely intimidated when Rachel (of decent urban weddings fame), the fabulous one, who gave me my start in wedding photography, asked me to shoot engagement photos for her and her new fiance.

we met in lowell, ma (have you heard the death cab for cutie song by the same name? i believe it is a free download from epitonic.com.) which is chock-a-block with urban decay...colours and textures galore.

here are some of my favourites:

hey mister...
(this is one of my favourite concepts...i didn't make it up, but i'm owning it!)


she is NOT the typical bride. (in FACT...she got her dress off ebay, but she's so unworried about this stuff that...because she doesn't have an ebay username, she asked me to buy the dress on her behalf. i think that's hilarious.)

(i called this their "anthropologie catalogue" photo.)

(this is her favourite.)

this one is my very favourite, and i think they should use it for their save the date cards.


Ashley O'Dell said...

Everytime I look at your stuff, it gets better and better. I have to agree that the last shot is my favorite as well, nicely done!

nelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Janelle said...

beautiful photos! i like the photo of them and their 'smunchy' faces as you say and i love the first sequence photos!! v.cool =)

btw, i was the deleted comment, i forgot to sign in under my photography one =)

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