27 September 2007

new website!

well, it is 12:03am on 9.28.07...which means 2 things:

1. my new website is finally live! (it's still a teensy bit under construction, so please bear with me...september is pretty much the most ridiculous month in my universe. i don't think i've cooked anything besides popcorn--the non-microwave kind, i'm old school--since sometime in august.)


i love it soooooo much, and i hope you do, too!

2. it's my birthday! leave me some love, all you blog-stalkers...i know you're out there. i check my stat-counter. :-D

ok. i've gotta get back to work...hopefully by the time you all wake up and read this, the site will be far less under construction, and more 'under tweaking'. (also, past clients: your proofing galleries have been redirected. The old links should still work; if you're having issues, please email me, and I'll sort everything out!)


Captured for Life Photograpy said...

Happy Birthday Gwyn! You're new site is fantastic! Congratulations on everything!

jennifer said...

hi - i've been lurking around your blog here and there. i must say that your site is fun & awesome! love it.