29 May 2007


This past weekend I went down to Rhode Island for my friend's birthday. She...well, she loves pirates. a LOT. and Newport was having a pirate festival, so we all pirated-up and sailed on down.

Even as a pirate, I have a camera. It's my role on deck, you could say.

Also, I only included this one because I didn't want anyone to mutiny...

Some of them were QUITE committed to achieving that piratey look.

The pirate-loving friend has a tiny, wee baby...who dressed up w/ grandma to be pirate wench and mini-me pirate wench...it was rather darling.

What pirate weekend would be complete without a hanging in the town square?

Captain Jack didn't lose any sleep over it, though.

her costume was really unbelievable...(this is captain jack wishing he had a bit more rum.)

I love how this looks like a piratey-band cd cover.

after the festival, we were going to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, or...whatever it's called. The theatre was having a costume contest, so she wanted to be Elizabeth Swan when she had to go swimming in her nightgown.

And she somehow made it look kind hot, right?

This may be my favorite of the little mini-shoot we did at the beach.

I'm so glad I have friends who will do what I say for photos...

"climb a tree", "go in the ocean...in your nightgown. and sit on the rock", "let me tie this scarf around your neck and pretend to hang you."

Good times.

for anyone who really, really loves pirates, you can see the rest of the photos here.

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Becky Miller said...

Did that lady realize her nightgown would go transparent like that when it got wet?