22 January 2008

travel on the cheap

holy cows, guys!

i've been booking travel for some out of town weddings i have this summer (one in columbus, one in indianapolis). i live fewer than 10 miles from portsmouth, so...

www.skybus.com is my new best friend! i do not feel guilty asking someone to drive me 20 mins to the airport. and my roundtrip ticket to columbus in may was only $106!

so...my friend suggested that for the indianapolis trip, i should fly skybus again and then take megabus. (dot com) i was a little skeptical, because budget airlines are a hassle, and then to take a 3 hour bus ride after flying...blugh. worth the money i'd save? so...i pretended to make a reservation, and then megabus told me that my fare would be $2.50. ROUNDTRIP.

dudes. that. is. AWESOME!

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Corey B said...

I ♥ Skybus! They just opened up their June and July schedules and there are a lot of $10 fares to be nabbed!