23 April 2007


I've been so truant about posting here...busy busy busy little bee I am!

I've not been around for a month of weekends--the life of a freelance photographer is never quiet or dull. If it's not a photography project, it might be taxes to consider. (Don't ever take your w2's for granted!)

Anyway, Saturday was Danna and Shinji's wedding, and they are the most gorgeous people I think I've ever seen. Ever.

I did their engagement photos on the ONE snowy day in December last year, and took what is probably my favorite engagement photo to date:

They had an AMAZING and beautiful day for their wedding...we went to the public gardens to do bridal portraits. The park was crawling with people, and everywhere we went everyone was congratulating them and telling Danna how beautiful she looked (she was an exquisite Serbian princess.) I'm not done processing the photos yet (I'm sure I'll put more here when I'm done), but I cannot resist this one taken on our way back in to the hotel. I'm calling it "eternity".

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rachel said...

I really, really love your image with the millions of reflected mirrors. Shows true artistic eye!